2015 Goal Setting

Jan 2015:  Last month I talked about setting goals.  There is nothing wrong with setting too many.  But be true to yourself and be realistic.  If you have never run more than 5 miles, qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2015 is not realistic.  But perhaps running your first 10K or running faster in the 5K are doable.  If you were injured, factor that into your 2015 goals.  Whatever the goals are, always split them into 3: stretch, doable, safe.  For most of the marathon runners I train, we set a time goal that is somewhat aggressive, one that is based on their training and a safe one (usually, that is just to finish).  Set your goals now, before the year starts and come up with a plan to get you there.  If you need my help, that is why we are all here and you should get in position to meet your goals.  Happy New Year and have a healthy 2015!



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