Ready for the Long Training Grind?

You now have your next goal picked out.  You chose the couch to 5K or a marathon or a triathlon – whatever it is.  Presumably your coach (hint hint!) has given you a good safe schedule to follow for x number of weeks or months.  It feels very overwhelming to have to go through the entire process.  There are family and weather and injury concerns – the time involved.  “Man, how am I going to do all THAT?” you might say.    Well, as they say for everything, (pun intended) 1 step at a time.  Don’t worry about the long runs or how cold it is.  Prepare – prepare – prepare.  Have your running clothes ready.  Buy all your supplements.  Get a good watch.  Tag a few buddies to do the workouts with you.  Slowly but surely, you will get through it.  We will talk about this another time in greater detail, but make sure you set 3 reasonable goals for your race.  Then work through to get to them week by week.  I highly recommend that you keep your log updated at all times (yes, you need to maintain a log) so that you can track progress and also see why you hit bumps in the road, because you will.   Eventually, you will get there and it will be race day.  Regardless of what the outcome is, you should be proud of yourself.  You got there and you are ready to go.  There isn’t much more you can do than that.   So train away – I’m with you – for me it is Boston in April…..



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