Incorporating Hills

Hills are actually a great way to get a better running workout.  Hills are “a speedwork in disguise”.  By incorporating hills into your running, you are doing many good things:

1)  If you only train on flat surfaces, you are only working on the same leg muscles over and over.  Grade changes help work all the muscles, getting you more fit.

2)  Hills give you resistance training, like lifting weights.  Your legs get used to struggling, so when you do run on flat surfaces, you feel freer and run faster.  Short bursts help with your speed and long slow hills help with your endurance.

3)  If you have prepared with hills, you are more ready for races than are other runners.  Then you simply pick them off on the hills and give yourself a better chance to get a better time.

Again, the hill is in front of you.  Slightly lean into it – use short choppy strides while only looking about 10 feet in front of you (don’t look at the top).  When you get to the top, you crest and count 10 strides before settling into your pace again.  Use your arms to pull you to the top.

Going down a hill do not overextend your stride or lean back.  Run down the hill and let gravity help you.

Good luck and happy running …..

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Hill Workout


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