On Chafing……

Chafing and running – doesn’t have to be synonymous if you are prepared.  As we run longer and longer distances, the odds that one will chafe in certain areas increases.  Unfortunately, you usually don’t know where you will chafe the most until it happens the first time.  Common areas are the lower back, under the arms, between the legs and, of course, the feet.  For men, the nipples can get quite sore without protecting them.  I even had a runner complain that they were sore on their stomach after wearing a running belt.

Either way, once you figure out what areas are bad for you, make sure that those areas are covered by some kind of salve.  Neutrogena and Body Glide have some of the best products; however it is better to try different ones until you find what is best for you.  I use Aquafor on my chafing areas on all runs longer than 10 miles.

I will write a whole post on foot blisters, but suffice it to say that if it happens too often, you may need new shoes or socks.  When you get a blister, make sure you lance them from the side, expel the water and then do NOT remove the skin.

As always, it comes down to what works best for you.  If a particular product is not working, move to the next one.

Happy Running


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