Today I Was Sick :-(

Well, the best laid plans sometimes don’t work out.  You train and train and then, one day when you have an important run or race planned, you are just plain sick.  Whether it’s a virus or a fever or just a cold, it happens to all of us.  That is why your running schedule should be flexible!  If you don’t feel well one day, you move your workout to another day.

Today I was supposed to run 18 miles in my last long run before the Boston Marathon.  But I woke up achy and with a fever.  So bag the run, move it until tomorrow.  That’s all.  Move on – don’t fret.  The key workouts in the week: long run, tempo, race, track workout.  Concentrate on those and if another run gets bumped, so be it.

A cold is different – in many ways, when I have a cold and I run, it opens my nose passages and I feel much better when I’m done.  But fevers, sicknesses, chicken pox – if your body is run down, just take a day off.  Even 4 days off with the flu will not kill your training if you are already in shape.  There are excellent electrolyte replacement drinks such as the Isagenix Replenish/Hydrate which I use.  So, end all, just drink a lot of fluids, get better and run tomorrow!

Happy Running

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