Goal Setting

There’s nothing like setting a goal and then accomplishing it.  Try to set goals that are manageable, reasonable and that have a definite timeline.   Just saying: “I want to break 28 min in the 5K” is just a dream unless you also assign a specific timeline to it.  If you are at 35 min now, that timeline might be 18 mo.   If you are at 28:08 in the race last week, that might be in the next month.

Either way, goals make you accountable – so set one (or 10!) and space them out so you can get there., one run at a time.

How do you get started?  Build a schedule – sign up for a race – get a coach – change your workout frequency or speed or route.   Start doing something that will get you on your way.   If you never start, you won’t get to the end……

As always, happy running.

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goal and dream


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