Warm Weather Ahead….

Be careful with hot weather.  We have been quite unfortunate to have had a brutal winter and, so far in May, we seem to be heading for a hot summer.

Try to stay hydrated at all times.  Bring drinks with you.  If you are one who profusely sweats (like me!), make sure you have an electrolyte replacement drink with you.   Put sun tan lotion on – this goes for all seasons when you have bare skin showing against the sun, but we haven’t had that chance here in NJ lately….

If you can, run early or late.  If you must run in hot weather during day hours, choose a path or course that is heavily shaded.

All this may sound like “just” common sense, but sometimes you just need to hear it one more time before you go out there.   We don’t want anyone collapsing from heat exhaustion….ever….

Happy running…

#hotweather #running #runningtips #nutrition

Running Heat



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