For Those Who Sacrificed…

Here we are on a daily basis, probably complaining of the weather or how we are getting older or not hitting our times like we want to….but let’s face it – we are alive and, if you are reading this, probably some kind of runner, whether beginner or advanced.

Remember that this is a sport – this is fun.  Those who sacrificed their lives for us in a war probably did not have too much fun while they were defending our country right before they passed.  Those are the heroes….  the inspirations ….

You probably have more about you that is going well than you give yourself credit for – so try to think more on the happy side.  Life is too short for any other way.

Any other attitude is only negative.   And negativity spills over into your running ….. SO DON’T LET IT!

#inspiration #glasshalffull #noexcuses #running

US Flag


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