Running With Your Kids

I have been running since I was 12 and I have run with all kinds of runners – faster, slower, older, younger, men, women…  But until this past year, I had never ran with one of my children.  You see, my daughter joined cross country last year.  I didn’t force her to – I just suggested that it would be a good way to meet people as a freshman and, if she didn’t like it, she could move onto another sport or activity.  Until then she had only done individual sports such as tennis and gymnastics.  I had no idea she would like the camaraderie and team part of cross country, then winter track and, after that, spring track!  She plans and meets her new friends all the time.  We have had the track team over for movies and a barbecue.  Of course, the more she likes it, the more I like it too!  My wife tells me that I’m not in high school anymore – I know that, but it is so much fun to cheer my daughter and her teammates on as well as being around the sport that I love myself.

Last fall there was a break in the seasons and we went away for a short getaway to Corning, NY.  My daughter asked me to run 2 miles with her.  It was almost awkward at first.  She didn’t know the area (neither did I…) and she wanted to run with someone – anyone – even me!  What would we talk about – would she think I was making her go too fast?  Anyway, we ran at her pace – we talked cross country and track and her workouts and teammates – just a wonderful experience.  Everything I wanted it to be times 100, since it was MY daughter running with ME.

Since then, while on vacations, we have run perhaps another dozen times – never really fast or far, but it has all been priceless.  I played many games of tennis with my dad, but that sport does not lend itself to talking while playing as does running, so this has been truly special.

If you are reading this blog you are most likely an experienced runner – if you can just get your kids to come with you, you may get them into your lifelong sport.  Obviously, don’t take them out far or fast.  Have plenty to drink with you.  Don’t take them out when it’s 100 or zero degrees – you may be pleasantly surprised……

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