On Fall Racing

I love racing in the fall.  The air is crisp and the daily beating from the sun is finally over.   There are so many races everywhere – I am sure we all have your favorites and come back year after year.

This is also a time to check things.  Are your sneakers too old?  Have they hit that 350-400 mile range?  How is your gear holding up?  Holes in your socks?  Supplies – do you have all your gels and creams, etc.

The winter is only 13 weeks away, sad to say.  Do you have all the winter gear you need?

This is also the time for one last push into the season – find those 2-3 races to peak before a break into your next training.

Happy running

#running #runningcoach #nutrition #fall #xc #crosscountry

running fall


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