Being Prepared is the Key….. #NOEXCUSES !

If you’re not ready, you probably won’t do it…..   That goes for everything really, but especially for an early morning run, it’s paramount to be ready to go.  Sleep is that important and I don’t want to be rummaging around in the dark for everything at 5:30 AM…..  So tomorrow, we’re in for 16 miles starting at 6:30 AM.  My friend is getting me at 6:18 AM, so that means my alarm is set for 5:48…..  Why do I need all the stuff in the picture – let’s see:

  1. Shirt, shorts, socks….
  2. Running sneakers with orthotics
  3. Extra shirt – for after when I’m sweaty
  4. Towel – to spare my friend’s car (not pictured)
  5. Hat – just in case it rains
  6. Cell phone – gotta have it for emergencies
  7. Running belt
  8. 1 Gu for 1:30 mark (I take them every 45 min after 90 min)
  9. 1 8 oz electrolyte drink (Replenish – grape)
  10. 1 8 oz energy shot (4 oz eShot mixed with Replenish)
  11. Aquaphor by Eucerin – for putting on all the potential chafing spots
  12. Fiber bar – my breakfast
  13. Sun tan lotion – for my face – 2+ hours in the sun is not great for the skin
  14. 8 Hr Tylenol – take when I wake up for runs longer than 2 hrs
  15. Topical solution – if you have “to go” too many times, prevents irritation
  16. Ionix – Vitamin B bomb drink I start every day with
  17. Amped Power – creatine based drink that I use for hard workouts
  18. Running watch – stopwatch for track workouts; GPS for all else
  19. Flasher light – if needed for dark (not pictured / needed this time)
  20. Headlamp – if needed for dark (not pictured / needed this time)
  21. Keys……  (not pictured)
  22. Amped Recovery – my recovery drink that takes away the lactic acid

You can use this as your go-to list for almost any run from a 3-mile run to a marathon.  Obviously, the shorter the run, the shorter the list, but better to be prepared than not by checking off items from a longer list.

Happy Running

#beprepared #runningtips #runningcoach #NCRC #running #noexcuses


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