Seasons Change…

You have a plan for your running and it includes various milestones throughout the year.  As you get close to your events, you should always plan the next race or 2 so that you keep on going.   A plan should also include plenty of rest and recovery time.

There are crazy hot times and terrible freezing periods through the year, and you need to be prepared for everything.  Now we are in November – most Fall marathons are done and people are already looking into 2016.  This is also a good time to look at your running inventory:

  1. How many miles do your shoes have?  Is it time to replace them? (350~miles or so – and check your flats also)
  2. How is your gear?  Are your shirts getting frayed?  Are there holes in your socks?  (time to reorder!)
  3. Is your watch getting older?  Time to replace any batteries or ask for a new watch for the holidays?
  4. Your reflective gear – your little blinkers and head lamps – same thing: are the batteries holding up?
  5. Nutrition – is there a sale on Gu or do you want to stock up on your favorite protein bars?
  6. Annual physical – did you go this year?  Maybe time to go to the doctor….
  7. Orthotics – these sneak up on you – are they getting old?
  8. Other professionals – were you happy with your chiropractor, PT, etc?  Maybe time to research a change.
  9. Gym membership – were you happy?  Again, time to switch before you waste any more money

There are many aspects of running that people ignore because it is not a priority.  Just like they ask you to change the batteries in your smoke alarms when the clocks turn back/ahead, you should have your “running check” at least twice a year.

Happy Running!

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