On Unique Runs…

What is your most unique run?  I have run in multiple US states, 3 counties in NJ, I even ran from the US to Canada & back …. but by far my most unique run was on Sept 17, 2005:

One of my goals in coming to Switzerland on a 3 month business assignment – more importantly Basel, was to use its proximity to Germany and France to create a unique run.   A tri-country loop – to be completed all in 1 running session.   I arrived in Switzerland on Sunday, Sept 11 for the first week of a 14-week short-term work assignment.  On Saturday, Sept. 17, I had the day to myself so I decided to try the loop.   Scanning the map, this seemed very doable, but I couldn’t tell how far I would be in France before getting into Germany.  To be safe in case it was further than what I or my work colleagues thought, I prepared for a 10-15 mile loop, bringing with me water and Gu.

The day was cool and cloudy – about 55 degrees.  I started by running across the Rhine River by the Novartis campus. I then basically ran on a road that splits the campus and within 12 minutes I was already in France.  Immediately all the signs were in French and I heard a couple of people walking speaking in French.  At about the 30 minute mark I saw a traffic circle with signs for ‘D’ – Deutschland (Germany) if I made a right.   That route led me over the Rhine River again and I was in Germany. After 8 or 9 minutes in Germany, I was back again into Switzerland.  They never stopped me at any border, but I had my passport with me just in case! The run took 56:17, so I estimate about 7 miles, so not far at all.   If anyone comes to Basel, they can definitely do it.   Now the goal is to try to find a place where 4 countries meet – any suggestions?

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