Life’s Dead Ends….

Note the picture you see – it is a dead end. Most people won’t even go in that direction as there is no way out but the way you went in.  I think a lot of people think that way…..  Who wants to hit a dead end and waste time and effort?

I always preach that you should try your hardest, even if you don’t succeed.  Who cares if you fail – the lesson learned is so much better than the attempt.  One of my favorite shirts says:

Dead Last     beats     Did Not Finish    beats    Did Not Start

Get it?  Just try…. and the rewards far outweigh what you perceive as the failure.  This goes for everything in life!

Now look at that picture again.  As a runner, I don’t see a dead end.  I see a place to do 200m repeats, safe from cars.  I also see another street with only a little bit of forest in between.  I bet there is a trail in there – and I will just take it to the next street.   Perhaps, if I’m really lucky, there is a sideways trail that stretches 4 miles in either direction!

One of my fellow runners just posted today that he ran a run of entirely dead ends.  Well, you never know what is at the end unless you try it.  Don’t limit yourself in any way.

#inspiration #running #dedication #NCRC




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