Caffeine for Runners

Caffeine in moderate amounts helps improve running performance.  I will tell you what I have done for the last 2 years with my “secret weapon”, the e+.

I use the e shot/e+ by Isagenix – it is a natural caffeine coming from a plant root.  I was a complete Gu proponent, and I still use it for long runs over 90 minutes.   However, the amazing spike in power from the e+ has helped me many times in all my races.

For workouts and races up to 10Ks, I take it 15 minutes before I start running as a quick drink. For our local NJ race, the Ridgewood Run, this helped me get my fastest 10K time since 2008 of 39:39. For all runs and races above 8 miles, I start sipping the e+ every mile until I finish, even if I need more than 1 e+ with me.  For instance, for the Boston Marathon this past spring (my PR for the course in 3:24), I used 3 e+.

The advantages of using this versus other supplements are many:

  1. It is all natural, coming from a root – almost every other caffeine is processed in some way (especially 5-hr energy)
  2. It is portable – every drink is 3 oz and in a small container; I put them into my water belt bottles directly when I am sipping them
  3. The 100 mg of caffeine is similar to other drinks, but timed for a slow release for a constant flow of energy
  4. You can beat any addiction to coffee; coffee is an acidic drink and we want our bodies to be in a more alkaline state to fight inflammation

That is today’s post – as always, Happy Running!

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