On PR’s…i.e. You vs You

A runner can rattle off their PR’s (Personal Records) in 2 minutes flat…or less…for every distance and for every age group….

But most of our runs are not PR’s….just a handful.  So we need to appreciate the daily “drudgery” in our runs any way we can.  The weather, whether nice or nasty, the conversation with a friend or the music in your ears can make a day awesome when it wasn’t quite meant to be…

But you enter a new age group and you start a new set of PR’s.  Granted, they may not be lifetime PR’s, but PR’s nonetheless.  Forget the other runners – you are trying to beat your own time.  There is no slow in my book – just a person’s individual pace.  Appreciate every last PR because, at some point, hopefully late in life for all of us, “Father Time Always Wins”.

So next time you hit the snooze button and are JUST about to miss your window to run, just think of how precious these moments are and hop out of bed and get out there! You won’t regret it!

#noexcuses #justdoit #runningtips #NCRC



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