On Running Coaches…

“Why do I need a running coach? I can join a gym and the trainer will help me and find all these plans on-line that tell me exactly what to do for any race.”  Not entirely true, however….and this is why one does need a running coach:

  1. Scheduling – Coaches will help you get to your goal with plans scripted and made just for you – there is no cookie-cutter plan that is made for any 1 person.  Plus, coaches change plans on the fly when runners need to adjust for sickness, soreness, vacations, kids….i.e. life
  2. Motivation – you can’t get that from a plan you find on-line.  The coach will call, text, IM, Skype, e-mail, tweet, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. to get you to your goal
  3. Nutrition – a good coach will help you exactly with daily eating as well as pre and post run, workout or race day fueling.
  4. Fitness – Every runner needs core, agility, strength, speed and balance training.  Not many people actually do it.  The coach will either give you side workouts or team up with a gym to get you the fitness that you need.
  5. Rest and Recovery – It is very easy to keep on going, starting unnecessary streaks and not getting enough rest.  A coach will build in rest into your individual schedule, allowing you to recover.

There are so many variables that go into coaching a runner.  The runner’s weight, age, work-life balance, kids, injury history and attitude are just pieces of what a coach needs to consider when he works with a client.

Vice versa, a runner who wants a coach needs to think of how he or she fits with the coach.  Do you want to spend a lot of money, do you want a hands-on coach or a hands-off one, etc.  A trainer that works in a gym who is not an experienced runner can’t help you.

Runner’s World also has an article on running coaching:


With the new year coming up, this could be what you need to take you to the next level.

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