Running in the Rain…

Yesterday my daughter, running for our high school winter track, finished her run soaked to the bone.  I had to lay out blankets in my car – they were just drenched.  But I asked them how their run went and they said that it was actually not that bad.  The rain picked up as they went along and it didn’t bother them so much.

That is what rain should be to a runner – just a bother.  Tough luck, man! It’s rain!  In the summer, I just wear a hat.  In 34 degree weather, I wear extra layers and then I have my secret plastic jacket and, though I eventually get wet, it protects me that first mile or 2.

Appreciate the cooling effects of rain – the puddles – the pure enjoyment that you are just out there.  Usually you are by yourself because everyone else hides at the gym or takes the day off.

The runner’s life may not be indefinite.  You get older and are more injury-prone.  The runs may become more infrequent and shorter.  So enjoy the rain – enjoy the snow for that matter (but be safe, of course!).

Very short today – for those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!!!

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