Cleansing Benefits Athletes

When people hear the word cleanse, they usually think about 10 days of drinking juice or kale and sitting on the toilet incessantly….  It does not have to be that way!

Why cleanse at all?  Very simply – because we need to.  What does the snow look like after 3 days?  We are breathing all of those toxins in.  Add to that the food we eat, sprayed with toxins and with hundreds of additives…top it off with the products we use – hair, cleaning, bath, toothpaste – did you ever look at the labels on everything?  Many of you live in the Northeast – pollution is everywhere.  After all that, we are toxic…

A toxic cleanse, such as the 48-hour one offered by Isagenix, tackles this issue and brings us back to a clean alkaline state.    For athletes, it is a reset button that you can press over and over again.  For runners, this is at the beginning of a training season or 3 days after a marathon; or at a point in your training where you have leveled off.   This is another secret weapon to enhance your training.  Bodybuilders use cleanse days as “shred days” as well.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel with your diet with sports.  You just need to eat wisely most of the time and allow yourself a splurge or 2 so that you don’t miss anything in particular!   Stick to a minimum of 75% of your body weight in protein grams per day for maximum muscle repair and recovery.

Happy Running!

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