The Circle Around Your Health – Pt I

Around 1992 or so I was sitting at Gleason’s Bar in Saddle Brook, NJ and drew my quick life analysis on a napkin.  It kind of looked like this picture….some of my close friends saw it many years ago…


Now, almost 25 years later, I am revisiting that circle in brief and how it all works to me.  At any one time, all are important to people; or one in particular far outweighs the rest.  Let me go high-level into each one and will dig deeper in upcoming weeks.  What I tell people that are having a bad day is to think of the rest of what you have – usually it is 1 particular thing that is bothering you at 1 time, not all.

Health:  This is in the middle – this is spiritual, mental and physical health.  Without health, all other pieces of your life do not work properly

Friends:  These are true friends or acquaintances

Learning/School:   Everybody is learning in some way, even if they are not in some kind of school

Family:  This is your family; also in this is dating if you are not yet married…

Job:  This is your occupation, whatever it is at the moment

Sports/Exercise:  This is what you do that makes you sweat; does not have to be your passion

Religion:  This is the key to your spiritual health

To link this to running, just think how all the pieces above affect your life and how these in turn affect your run of the day.  Was it easier knowing you just got a raise?  Was it worse losing a loved one to cancer?  Did you have a bad run because you were sick?

Food for thought for future weeks….

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