A Little Lonely?

And this is not with regards to Valentine’s Day….  Some runners thrive in running on their own.  The loneliness of a long distance runner.  Cutting through the heat and the cold all by yourself.  This is “Me Time”, when I can work through all my problems and come up with solutions to world peace.  IF that is you, then this sport was built for you.  You are stronger than most, and have the discipline to run when others fail because of the monotony or the repetition.

If you are like ME, then you like people and want to run with others.  I don’t mind the occasional run by myself, but I want my long runs to be full of conversation, with nary a minute to think of my legs, the weather or any other issue.

That’s when you need to begin your search. Much like dating, you try to find a running partner or partners that fit your style and time of day and everything else to make your runs fun.  Because that’s why you need to be here – running needs to be fun.  Otherwise, you may end up like professional marathoner Ryan Hall, who ran 100 mile weeks for over 15 years and had to take an extended break from running.  He lost the fun part in all of those professional years of running.  Most of us are not professional runners, so why put pressure on ourselves to make our running not be any fun?  Find a local park where people meet, join a club, find ways to connect on Facebook (there is a Bergen County Runners group near me in NJ, for instance), newsletters, twitter, Instagram, your company, etc.  People are always looking for other runners to meet up with.

I am willing to do what it takes to introduce people to each other running-wise:

I am on Twitter and Instagram @runcoachnick

I also have an e-mail communication that you can sign up for:   http://eepurl.com/bQoaBz

Happy running!!

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