On Running Logs….

What’s a running log?  Why do I need a running log?  I just go out there and run and I feel great sometimes and not great other times.  I just wing it.  Right?  It makes sense and is far less work than writing things down – remembering things….oh boy.   I don’t even remember what I ate last night.

If this is you, then you are a prime candidate for a running log.  Just think – you write down or type in 4 things per day:  total time, distance, course/workout and how you felt.    Very simple and easy to do.  And why do it?  There are 3 main reasons:  tracking progress, tracking your health/conditions and how you feel and tracking your sneakers.

Unless you track how you do, you’ll never know if you are improving.  You can always look back at similar workouts and see where you are now.  If you have been on vacation or somewhat injured, you have reasons as to why you have not improved.  By tracking your health and running conditions, this gives you an idea why things changed from what you planned.  If it is too hot or too cold, if you are suffering from cramps, if your kids kept you up when they were sick, if you had a nasty head cold – these are all reasons why you ran as you did. You also can see and plan when to take necessary breaks.  Finally, 60% of all running ailments in my opinion are caused by old or run-down sneakers.  A well-kept running log will help you see how many miles you have put on your shoes so that you don’t let them get too old, risking potential injury.

Running is supposed to be fun and light – but if you want to be running a long time in life, you need to take precautions with yourself – one of the ways to do this is by keeping a log and using it to improve.

Happy Running!


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One thought on “On Running Logs….

  1. By using runkeeper I can track a lot of what happens during a run. Because Runkeeper tracks most important things, I only have to note down things dat are different than the other days. It helps me determine problems when they occur, so I can find a solution.

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