On Running Gear….

A short one today – the weather in the Northeast has been exceptionally warm….for winter!  The lesson of the day is what I always tell people:  You can always bring it with you and take it off, but if you are cold and 5 miles from your house, you can’t make it materialize.

In the cold weather, make sure you dress in layers.   Your inner layer should be of a wicking material – to bring the moisture from your sweat away from your body.  Then, depending on how cold it is, have 1-2 middle layers followed by an external windbreaker.  Top it off with earmuffs and hat, add gloves and include tights, and you are on your way.  There are many brands – this is not going to be a long post on brands – but try on ones for comfort and utility.

In the warmer months, make sure you dress lightly – and at the same time make sure you wear appropriate suntan lotion over exposed areas.

That’s it for this week – Happy Running this weekend….

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