Beer and Running…

Somehow it seems like the running culture has us all having a beer after our runs.  Many races have beers served right after the finish line.  There are beer races (where you drink every mile), the beer mile (you drink before every lap) and they might as well have a race where you hold a beer while running….

Yesterday a local informal running group got people together for a Runners and Beers night at a local watering hole. It was a resounding success, as about 30+ people came and we hung out for more than 3 hours. Many different local running clubs were represented, and we had fun talking about anything and everything, and some running as well. Three weeks later another group of us met, this time in a bar with an outside area – another 30 runners and few beers later, and we had some more new friends!

We should all do this more often – relax with our running and enjoy the company.  On Sunday I ran 6+ miles of my 20K race with a member of an opposing club.  We paced each other perfectly.  What a great way to run a longer race?  This week I forced myself to take a week off and I’m back to running again tomorrow.

I am going to plan other running get-togethers in the near future – the more we make running fun, the more we like to run!  And people are what make it all work the best in my view.

Happy Running!

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Note:   I’m third from the right in pic…..






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