Beginner Runners…

You might remember where you started – that first track meet, that first step….somehow you became a runner.  But you all have friends that say, “I’ll never be able to run like you” or “I hate running”.  The truth is, I think that everyone can become a runner if they want to.

Before you start any new program, please talk to your physician.  You may have something that is in your medical history that may delay your enthusiasm.  Otherwise, you just need to be able to walk.   And walk you do for a while.

After a few days, you introduce a few minutes of running, all while keeping the walking going.  Within  9 weeks, you should be able to run for 30 minutes.  You may not be going fast by any means, but you can run.

Combine the training with better nutrition and rest – get in some light gym workouts to strengthen the rest of your muscles, and you are on your way to becoming fit.  The whole process may take over a year, but it all takes wanting that first step – and that is in a walk, which most of you can do…..

Find a friend to walk with….or find a local club to have some company….

Download my Becoming a Runner in 9 Weeks program and see if you can do it in time for a 5K in June.  You can do it!!

Happy Running

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