On Vacations……

Vacations…..a time to relax…hang out with your friends…go to the beach with the family.  Very tempting to take the whole week off and not run a single step.  It’s easy to sleep in….sleep…so many excuses.  Actually, there are no excuses – so we’ll go over them:

  1. I want to sleep in – Please do and run every other day.  There is no one telling you that you need to run all 6 days, etc. of your vacation.  Make it your cycle down week. Or make it your mandatory week off after a long training period.
  2. I don’t want to wake the kids – That is no excuse – just have your stuff ready to go in the hotel bathroom so that you go in, change and sneak out
  3. There is nowhere to run – Yea, sure…  at the very least, you have the treadmill.  But almost every hotel will give you preprinted directions for running loops.  Or use an online map app like MapMyRun….most of them have the trails marked out.
  4. I don’t want to get lost – Just go out and back….or follow a train line or something to lead you out and back
  5. I don’t want to run by myself– almost every county in the US and most major world cities have a running community – do a little research, find a local running club or meet-up group and contact them….you’ll find someone.  Or just be friendly at the resort or hotel; usually the other runners are also looking for company
  6. I’m on a boat – most ships have a running ‘track’ around the smokestack, or like on a Disney ship, one whole deck is marked for running from like 6AM-9AM
  7. I don’t want to bring too many things – really? All you need are your sneakers, socks, watch and 1 outfit.  Every day after you run you can hand wash it and let it dry overnight and you are good to go the next day
  8. I need to run 6 x 400m, etc. – Mark whatever distance out on the street or parking lot or nearby dead end road on MapMyRun or your GPS.  Then if you are a tad off, who cares?  It is your workout and your effort, so you can approximate

There are many more excuses and I encourage you to ask me for solutions, but it all comes down to planning effectively – if you are ready, you will run – anywhere.  Be safe and carry your cell phone in case of emergency; anything you should normally do at home.

Happy Running

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