Beginner Runner Tips

You made the step to start….whatever the reason is, it was personal to you….what are the pitfalls?

I am quoting an article posted in Best Running Tip Seeker.  The first few points also should make complete sense to anyone who is beginning any exercise program, not just running.

  1.  It is never too late to start – For any program, slow or fast, it is never too late  – just do it and be patient with the results
  2. Visit a doctor first – That is exactly what anyone should do before starting any new exercise
  3. Follow a plan – As with anything you do that involves a goal, make a plan and stick to it
  4. Keep tabs on your heart rate – watch how you react to any exercise.  If you overdo it, you can get injured or even worse
  5. Keep a running log – this is a great way to keep tabs on how you improve and why things are happening

There are many more points in the article and this is where you read on.  Everybody is different, so everybody also needs to understand that even if you do everything right, rates of improvement vary.

18 Tips for Beginner Runners

Running Plan for New Runners

Happy Running!







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