On Track Meets….

This may not affect many of you, but I was a track runner and, since I’m off to a 2-day track meet this weekend, it is on my mind.  Track meets are fun, long and cool to watch.

First of all, there are many events to watch during a track meet. The running events seem to get the most press and may be the most exciting to some, but there are many other events to watch that are technical in nature and have amazing athletes.  The field part is where you should meander to see throwing events such as the shot put, discus and javelin (and hammer throw in college).  There are the jumping events such as the high jump, long jump and triple jump.  Some meets have 1 person doing 10 different events with a cumulative score counting in the end – the decathlon.   In college and later there are events where there is water on the course – steeplechase.   Enjoy them all, especially if you want to see different things.

If you are competing, the meets tend to be long – make sure you have enough food and water, particularly if you have multiple events.   Pay attention to the order of events – the announcers will let you know when your event is – but it is easy to get distracted when all your friends are right around you.  These are great places to have your family and friends come and watch you – they can’t miss you as you are all in one place.

In either case, whether competing or watching, cheer your team on.  It makes the meets go faster for those coming for only 1 person or 1 event and it helps your team get psyched for a race!

Happy Running!



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