Stealing a Workout?

Yes – I did it……I confess to stealing….someone’s workout.   Huh?   How can you steal someone’s workout you may ask?   Very simply, my friend told me what he was going to do this week in a track workout.  I saw that it was exactly the same pace I needed to do and would help me for the same race length – 5K, so I executed the workout this morning within 8 total seconds.

It’s pretty much just for pride that it might be a little shady, but there are merits in at least sharing workouts with your friends.   While I have said time and time again, just because Ryan Hall may have run 120 mile weeks at his peak and that helped him become a world record holder and Olympian, it does NOT mean that you should so it.  However, if your friend Larry of comparable pace and age posts that he had a unique track workout and you think it could help you also, then do it.   Why not?

It may be a new kind of workout for you – the speeds may be similar, but it is a different distance or a different rest.  We all get into a rut, where we settle into the same workout over and over.  Mix it up!  I tell people to do it but sometimes I don’t do it myself.  My old standby is 8 x 400m.  HOW many times have I done this – just because we always did it in high school, over 30 years ago?

So listen, never stop learning, and keep things fresh.  So, while I completely stole this workout today, I do believe that it will help BOTH my friend and I equally for our next race…

Happy Running

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Stealing a Plan




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