Become a Runner in Less Than 1 Hour per Day

I don’t have time… is a common statement.  When you have that first child and you are balancing everything:  the baby, your spouse, no sleep, your job….perhaps other kids and the ever=present grandparents….wow.  How does anyone get through it?  Who has time for exercise and even follow a proper diet with all that going on?

I’ll have to say that you need a team attack on this one.  Your family has to be on board for you to be able to start any kind of program.  I’m here to tell you that all you need is about 5 hours a week to commit to become a runner, new or again….couch to 5K or if you are a “glory days” runner coming back from previous success.

First of all – your family needs to back you.  You need 3 mornings a week and 1 weekend day to get back into shape.  Yes – you can run with a baby stroller, but your spouse needs to watch the other kids.  And you know what?  You want to make this about you – not your baby in the stroller.  The other 163 hours per week you promise to commit to everyone else.  For YOU – you want 5.   You all have to make it work together.  Tough luck – there has to be a compromise.

This is less than 1 hour per day!

Secondly, you don’t even need to run at first.  If you can walk, you can be running in about 2 months.  You need to just get out there and take those first steps.  So don’t be afraid of those steps – they will be new – they will be hard – but they will get you there.  Finally – the side effects will be positive.  You’ll have more energy once you get into a rhythm, you’ll feel in better shape and you will get your confidence back.  Find some friends or join a running group and make it social and everyone benefits.

5 hours…..

Are you ready to commit?

Click here for my free 9-week running program:  Free Plan










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