On Running & Your Family

I’m sure you all have the perfect running family…….:

You:  “Honey, I’m going for a (insert time) run and then I’m going for some drinks with my running friends.”   Spouse:  “Sure honey – in fact, I’ll even drive you so you can have a couple of extra drinks.”

Spouse:  “I love how my spouse always runs with a runner of the opposite sex.  It makes our marriage that much stronger”

Kids:  “We’re so proud of you, mommy/daddy – I can’t wait to wake up early on Saturday and see you finish your next race!”

Mother-in-law:  “I’m so happy my son/daughter-in-law is taking the time for himself/herself to run and really dedicate this extra time to it to get better at it”

Yeah, right…..

This might as well be a TV episode or another form of fiction.  Real life does get in the way and you have to tread a fine line to balance everything.  As a new runner, you need to get your family on board that life includes you taking care of yourself as well as them.  If you are an experienced runner and want to take it to the next level, your family has to be on board for the extra time and expense for this.   In either case, you have to work together.   The conversations will never be as smooth as the ones above, but they will become more manageable.

So the key is to start – just take those first steps.  Include your family, whether you are running around the track while the kids are playing soccer in the middle or you get a nice running stroller for infants and toddlers.  If you need the ‘me’ time, then the spouse needs to step up and help.  This is a good thing – you aren’t staying up late drinking with the guys or going on frequent lady trips to Vegas.  You are getting in shape – and that in the end helps your family.

So get out there and compromise – this is your life and you want to get better for you.

Happy Running

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