On Positive Attitudes…..

Wednesday Morning

I started this year working at a school with a great teacher in a local grammar school 4th grade class.  She said to me on the 2nd day of school, ”This is so overwhelming.  I have so much to do.”  So I responded, “Is it worse than yesterday (1st day of school)?” Her answer: “No, not really.”  Mine: “Then we are doing better, right?”  With a somewhat surprised look, she looked at me: ”You are right!”

Positive Attitudes

A positive attitude generally puts you in a better position to yield positive results.  Even if these results are not what I had hoped they would be, they can be something to learn from.

How does this relate to running?  If you are new to the sport, it is easy to give up – to not fight through the pain.  Why should you – it’s so easy to sit on the couch.  For experienced runners, what is the incentive to keep going?  You have already done so much….every race you ever dreamed of in every age group and in every weather condition.  So why keep on going – it’s so easy to sit on the couch.

Sit on the Couch?

How could everyone want to sit on the couch?   It is simply easier to do nothing rather than do something.  It is easier to run 3 easy miles rather than a track workout.  It IS hard to wake up and renew your body every day.  But it is also easier to think of 1 run at a time – 1 day at a time.  While you can plan your week, each activity is still a daily thing.   Remember – your success is always unique to you.  It is you vs. you!  If you were always comparing yourself against people who were better, you might not realize how much better you are getting.  So get out there and show yourself what you can do – BE POSITIVE.   What do you have to lose by having a positive attitude?  Again, being realistic and being positive are different things, so go for it with the positive attitude.

Happy Running!

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