What is Success To You?

What is your definition of success?  Think about it – what is your definition of success – as it pertains to your life.  Is it making $1 million by the time you are 40?  Is it becoming the president of a company?  Can it be getting married to the perfect person?  Is it getting your kids to school on time?  Or is it running 3 miles from the first time?

I say tomato….

I’m sure if I asked 100 different people that question, I would get 100 different answers….  This is because success is an individual thing.  That is the KEY point.  You can use others as inspirations, but in the end is what you want.  It is truly what you want.  Not what your family wants or your friends or your co-workers.  If you have different ideas of success, then stop comparing yourself to the person next to you!

As I showed in a previous post, with running there is always somebody faster, so don’t worry about them – their workouts are different than yours …..their pace is different than yours.  Your success with running is feeling better – it is fitting in a new smaller dress size – it is feeling more confident – it is moving faster than you did before.  It is getting that ‘mojo’ back – especially if you once also were a runner and are looking to get back into it.

Such easy small steps to success!  That means that running can lead you to a positive feeling –a good feeling of doing something….and you don’t need to win anything.  It’s just more steps forward in your life, both figuratively and in actuality.

Just start….

Starting is the hardest thing to do.  You feel that the end goal is so far away……but it really isn’t.  To come back to running or to become a runner can take as little as 9 weeks – for some more and some less.  Relatively in life what is a few months?

You can do this….you just need to get started with a friend or coach or your spouse giving you the time you need.

The rest is up to you.  Can you achieve a level of success?   I think so, most definitely!


For more tips and tricks to running success and for my free 9-week beginner running plan, just click here





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