What are You doing for YOU?

Every day is a new chance at improving yourself.  I am a firm believer in this – however, many people get caught up in their lives to help their loved ones to help themselves.  In this time of thanking, you are allowed to give to yourself. Changes don’t have to be massive – it is a slow build to a success that is yours alone in the end.

Today is the day…

So what are you doing today to improve yourself?  For example, I ran a hard workout while training my runners.  I then got my family ready for school, went to work, and, during a prep period, wrote this blog post. The day is not yet half over, but I think that I have a good start for me.

Easy Energy

The energy you get comes from various sources.  Not only do you get it from the nutrition in your food, but also from the positive/negative energy from the people around us.  You all know the people who tend to tear you down – these are the people that you need to begin to phase out of your lives.  In order to move forward, you need to stop thinking of the bad things that happened in the past – these people will never let you forget your mistakes.


This can be applied to all parts of your life.  You can give and give and give to everyone around you but all that you will do is leave you exhausted.  There is a “You” in there and you need to give time to yourself.  Running is a way to get the “you” back into your life.  Who doesn’t want to have more energy, fit into better clothes, feel younger, etc… This sport will give you goals and levels of success – and everyone thrives on success!!!

Happy Running!

For more tips to help your running success, please like my page:  More Running Tips




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