2016 – A Year In Review – Life

The holidays are a time of family, friendship and usually great food and good times.  They are also a time of reflection – a time to look back at the year and its highs and lows. Did you expect to be where you are now on January 1?

As we talked about last month on what you have done for yourself, I believe that there is no doubt that you have done a lot for others, particularly your families.  Was it worth the great effort that often left you tired and perpetually exhausted?  In light of these things, were you really giving your best effort?

Why be tired?  You have work, children, your spouse – so much ‘stuff’ to handle and the time is usually not there to do it all.  This is the time to take over your life and pick something to become passionate about – and around your family commitments.

You can do this…..

This can all be done.  While driving to or from a kid’s cheer practice, listen to a podcast.  While waiting for soccer practice to end, listen to a podcast.  If you have an infant, get a running stroller or a Baby Bjorn to move your body with your child.  Find a moms exercise group or have a kid swap with other parents. Start running – it does not require much time and is not that expensive…..  You can do this!

Think about it…

Plan it….

Execute it…..


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