2016 – A Year in Review – Your Mindset

A lot of runners get defeated by events during the year….  They have been trying to run as often as they can and kids, work, injuries, etc. get in the way.  Time goes by and there is no running and, therefore, all the benefits – feeling good, energy, weight loss, success – are no longer there.

Since it is the end of the year, it is time to make the commitment to “just do it”. Make it happen – when you run, the benefits are obvious.  My next door neighbor just told me 20 minutes ago that he wants to run because it makes him feel better and his clothes fit better.  These positive things are there for everyone….

So then, are you going to let 2016 get you down? Runningwise, that is?  Put a goal race on your calendar right now…..

What is your goal?

Think about it

Plan it

Execute it

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