Emulate Those that Inspire….

What are your future plans?  Not just your running plans but your goals and your plan on how to get there?  Do you have an idea or not a clue?

The Plan May Not Be Clear…

It’s ok to not have a clue at times, but you need to have an overall plan.  Whether it is to finish college and get a job, to get married or to buy a house, you need to have a path and plan to get through that path.  The path may be in the woods, in the desert or even in the mountains.  Rarely will it be across a nice even grass field with the goal in easy sight on the other side.

How does this help me with running?

So translating to running, unless you are a natural superior athlete, there is no easy way to almost any goal.  There will be obstacles in the way – weather, family commitments, vacations, injuries, sickness….  But stick to your goals and be patient.  Sometimes they may take longer to get to – and you may see the next people around you seemingly effortlessly getting every goal in their grasp.

Emulate those that inspire you…..

Remember – most of the time it is You vs You, so get the goals that are meant for you – not your friends on Strava!  Use others as inspiration, not as competition and don’t think you need to match other people’s workouts, although you can emulate them.  This is for all sports and workouts and all aspects of life, mind you.

Stay the course and plan your way……..

Coach Nick



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