Where Have You Been?

You are questioning yourself…..  Those doubts…. I was injured and how can I come back?  I gained weight – how can I come back?  I was faster when I was 23 yrs old – how can I come back?  I am getting old – can I continue this?

Running is for FUN

We have to take stock sometimes that running is for FUN – the pressure we put on ourselves for PRs and records and statistics is meaningless if running has become a job to you.  Has it?

Everyone Has a Story

Your story may have been weight loss or disease or whatever inspired you in the 1st place.  Reach back to that place and get your inspiration back.  You did it before and you can do it again.  What is stopping you?

Just do it – this is your chance to get back what you had before.  You may not be what you were, but who cares….you are better than the original and that’s where you need to aspire to be.

Happy Running


Is Going to the Gym for Everyone?

Obviously the answer is no.  But what are the alternatives that are cost effective and can have a huge effect that do not take too much time that you can do from your home?  Think about it?  Suddenly, the answers become shorter.  Maybe the gym has everything – a pool, showers, towels, weights, a turf area, etc.  However, you might want to do things on your own and on your own schedule and not worry about when things are open or who to go with.

Is Running for You?

This could be your sport.  You will walk to run, starting with only walking, and eventually running a little and then running more than you walk.  Same thing with working out.  Maybe you could do a 20 minute circuit at first and then eventually graduate to a 45 minute boot camp class after a few weeks – all in your house with videos and exercises that use your own weight to get in shape.

Transformation Tuesday…

This is transformation Tuesday…..time to get in shape for the summer, just 16 weeks away.   We are getting close and summer bodies are made in the winter.   What do you want for 2017?

Happy Running…..

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On Lessons Learned…..

Sometimes you don’t know if you have gone too far until someone tells you that you did.  The lines are blurred until you are told not to do what you thought was right.  When the time comes that you need to straighten out, it is how you react that determines the future.

What did you learn?

You can become reserved and sulk and not learn from the experience.  You can also take it all in and move forward, enriched from what just happened.  If you didn’t take the chance, you would not have known what the boundaries were in the first place.

One coach I admire tells his athletes to go out a little faster in a race than they would have normally if they know that they are running with people that can help them improve. Even if they end up slowing down, the experience of having run faster will help them in the next race.

How will you ever know if you can run faster if you don’t practice running faster?  That is why we have track workouts, tempo/progression runs and races.  Racing is good practice for racing again and racing faster, no matter what your pace is currently.  So have you tried to hit your limit today?  Did you try to learn something new to improve for next time?

Happy Running!

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goal and dream


On Fun Running…

I sit here at school watching 4th graders run around during gym class and I see the joy i their faces. It is such a nice sight to see and it sparks a smile on my face. This is what I am doing as I write this opening paragraph.

Fun Fun Fun…..

Don’t make it a job to exercise.  Try to make it fun…:  A great workout partner or group, a dedicated coach or personal trainer, an energetic class, a goal to do something you previously thought was impossible – all these things and more can make exercise fun.  Exercise early or late, inside or outside, with people or without – but try to smile every now and then.  Things should not always be so serious.

Are you getting paid to exercise?

No – I am almost sure most of you are not getting paid to exercise.  So why all the pressure and glum faces?  The more fun you have, the easier it becomes – trust me.

Think about Phoebe Buffay on the TV show Friends.  She ran with one of the other characters on the show and had a very distinctive style – see below.  However her style, she had a smile on her face and had fun while running.   Think about the kids, smiling and running for fun.

Being able to run with friends, with good music, on a beautiful day, etc. is a blessing, so please enjoy it – it may not last forever.

Happy Running

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Try and Try Again….

It was 1976….I was in 2nd grade and we had a big “Field Day” at the local high school to celebrate the Bicentennial of the USA.  It was cool to take a school bus and go to the high school football field for a competition against the other grammar school children.  I don’t remember a lot, but I know there were sack races and other fun events.

Ready for the race…..

I was picked or volunteered for the 100 yard dash.  This was my FIRST race ever.  I was so excited – I had followed the Olympics in Montreal that summer and couldn’t believe that I was running a race myself.  I got on the line with the other boys and got into the ‘professional’ start position where my fingers were on the line and I was in the squat position, just like I had seen on TV.

The gun went OFF!  I took off like a rocket (or so I thought)….  I had the best start out of everyone.  Then 1 kid passed me…..and another….and yet another.  It was all blurry after that as I started crying and ran into my mother’s waiting arms at the finish.  I had LOST.   I was no good to run again.   I never wanted to race AGAIN.   That’s it.

Minds change….

In 7th grade Saddle Brook put on a local 5K that began and finished at the local Howard Johnson’s hotel and snaked along some back streets.  I entered the 1-mile fun run – did I remember my bad experience at my previous race?  The next year, I entered the race again – this time I ‘trained’ around my block with a couple of runs the week before the race.  The following year I joined winter track…then cross country and now, about 40 years after that first race?  I’m still running.

I could have given up way back when I was 7….but i didn’t.  Anyone can run and I can make anyone a runner.  What is your story?  Perhaps you are just ready for that next chance.

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What is Success To You?

What is your definition of success?  Think about it – what is your definition of success – as it pertains to your life.  Is it making $1 million by the time you are 40?  Is it becoming the president of a company?  Can it be getting married to the perfect person?  Is it getting your kids to school on time?  Or is it running 3 miles from the first time?

I say tomato….

I’m sure if I asked 100 different people that question, I would get 100 different answers….  This is because success is an individual thing.  That is the KEY point.  You can use others as inspirations, but in the end is what you want.  It is truly what you want.  Not what your family wants or your friends or your co-workers.  If you have different ideas of success, then stop comparing yourself to the person next to you!

As I showed in a previous post, with running there is always somebody faster, so don’t worry about them – their workouts are different than yours …..their pace is different than yours.  Your success with running is feeling better – it is fitting in a new smaller dress size – it is feeling more confident – it is moving faster than you did before.  It is getting that ‘mojo’ back – especially if you once also were a runner and are looking to get back into it.

Such easy small steps to success!  That means that running can lead you to a positive feeling –a good feeling of doing something….and you don’t need to win anything.  It’s just more steps forward in your life, both figuratively and in actuality.

Just start….

Starting is the hardest thing to do.  You feel that the end goal is so far away……but it really isn’t.  To come back to running or to become a runner can take as little as 9 weeks – for some more and some less.  Relatively in life what is a few months?

You can do this….you just need to get started with a friend or coach or your spouse giving you the time you need.

The rest is up to you.  Can you achieve a level of success?   I think so, most definitely!


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Seize the Day

“Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary” – that is a line from the movie Dead Poets Society as spoken by Robin Williams.  That is what today’s post is about. You can apply it to anything and running falls under the ‘anything’ category.

I lost a good true friend this week suddenly.  She was not a runner – not an athlete – in many ways she was the opposite.  However she was full of life, always making people laugh – she had an infectious laugh….and was kind and caring.  Hanging out with her was always fun – you never knew what to expect.  There was always a moment that might catch you off guard …. but you would laugh 10 minutes later or 10 years later.  She was only 46 when she died….that is too young for anyone to die.   And I am struggling with the fact that I lost 2 friends just this year from heart attacks at the same age as I am now – 46.

Life is too short to not make every day count.  yea, you may be tired and cranky, you may not want to go to that next gathering with friends, but you don’t know when your last day will be.   So, whatever it is, just do it – get it done.  We don’t have all the time in the world to do everything, so get out there….

To connect this to running – go run with some friends, even if it is a 22 minute drive to get there; get up for that daily renewal – that exercise that gets you going.  What do you have to lose:  try your hardest – every single time;  leave it all on the track or on the race course.  You can’t regret what happened in the past – just get them in the next race.  There are inspirational stories of people who run with only 1 leg, or with a disease, etc.  If you are reasonably healthy and stay careful, there is no reason, no excuse, to not get out there and run, or bike, or love, or care…..

This has been a tragic week….we all have to remember the good times with people who passed.  But for the people still alive, we can make new memories with them all the time – we have to just make the effort….

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